School Assemblies 

As an innovative leader within the field of education for the past 16 years, Stacy is an expert in developing interactive and engaging assemblies for students in the preschool, elementary, and middle school settings.  Her programs focus on cultivating collaborative communities of kindness and acceptance. All of her assemblies include elements of music, technology, and team building. Stacy is dedicated to empowering school communities to be innovative leaders of social-emotional learning and character education.  

Programs Offered for Preschool-8th Grade

Individually Unique, Together Complete: Celebrating Diversity and Unity Within Your School Community 

Every student in your school community has unique gifts that are meant to be shared.  In this interactive assembly, students are reminded to celebrate each other’s differences while working together as a team. The program promotes core values of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion through a variety of collaborative activities that will boost your school’s unity while fostering community. 


Be a HERO of Kindness and Compassion 

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind!”  Get ready to put on your capes as you embark on an exciting adventure alongside Captain Kindness.  Students will be guided through an interactive journey as they learn what it takes to be a hero of kindness and compassion in their everyday lives.  The journey highlights heroes throughout history, heroes in your local community, and heroes in your school. The program concludes with students and teachers being inducted into Captain Kindness’s Crew by taking an oath of kindness and compassion.  


The Power of Positivity: The Best Me I Can Be! 

You are AMAZING!  You are INCREDIBLE!  You are VALUED! You are LOVED!  Everyone loves receiving compliments and in this interactive program, students and teachers will promote positivity through both giving and receiving compliments.  With a focus on positive affirmations, students will learn the art of practicing self-love through implementing the pillars of positivity. As a result, the school community will be uplifted by the power of positive vibes.  


The UPSTANDER Effect! 

If you see something, say something! Say bye-bye to being a bystander and learn how to STAND UP to bullies!  Being an UPSTANDER takes courage and in this interactive program, students will learn how to step up and step in to make a positive impact. Students will be introduced to different ways to diffuse a bullying situation and will practice speaking up assertively.  By being an upstander, you can change the world!  


The Communication Connection 

Communication is one of the primary ways to connect with our peers, however, in today’s society, our students often struggle with the basics.  This program teaches the key components of connecting through communication. Students learn how to be active listeners, the basics of body language, how to speak respectively and assertively, and how to resolve a conflict.  As a culminating activity, students engage in The Communication Connection Game Show to review what they have learned.  


Cultivating Communities of Empathy, Inclusion, and Acceptance 

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is a term that we often share with our students but what does it mean?  In this interactive program, students learn what it means to have empathy by walking through real-life situations.  Students step into the role of several famous individuals that have faced adversity and learn what it feels like to be excluded.  In a culminating activity, students learn to show acceptance and how to promote inclusion in all environments. 


Growth Through Gratitude: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges 

Overcoming obstacles can be challenging at times, but focusing on gratitude daily can help our students grow.  Students listen to stories of gratitude from across the globe and learn the value of beginning a daily gratitude practice.  In this interactive program, students learn about growth mindset and respond to a series of prompts to help them express what they are grateful for.  The assembly concludes with a video montage of individuals that have overcome adversity and shown growth through gratitude.   


Finding Magic Through Mindfulness 

With so many distractions in our technology-filled world sometimes we just need to take a breath.  By taking a moment to reflect on the world around us, we become more grounded and in tune to what we want.  In this interactive assembly, students learn how to become present in the moment through a variety of breathing exercises, mini-meditations, and whole body stretches to help ease anxiety and aid in relaxation.  When our minds are clear, we are able to fully focus our energy and truly find magic through mindfulness. Students and teachers will leave the assembly feeling rejuvenated. 


The Power of Words 

Words can be used to build each other up or tear each other down. It is important to choose our words wisely because they have a lasting effect.  In this interactive program, students engage in a powerful activity that highlights both the beauty of our words and the pain they can cause. The assembly focuses on the power of words as they are spoken face-to-face, in written form, and behind the screen through online platforms.  This memorable program will inspire students to choose words that spread love and joy in an effort to make the world a better place.  


Passports to Service Learning 

Students and teachers are introduced to the concept of service learning through an interactive journey around the globe.  Service projects, fundraisers, and community outreach programs are highlighted as information is provided about how the school community can get involved.  The audience receives a stamp in their virtual passport for each idea shared throughout the trip. By the end of the program, your school will have a list of activities generated by your students that you can implement to support service learning.

Assembly Series 

Character Education is an essential component to supporting the social-emotional and academic needs of our students. The interactive assemblies available for the upcoming school year focus on cultivating collaborative communities of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion where every student and staff member feels valued and appreciated. These enriching programs are delivered in a 3-PART SERIES and will leave a lasting impact on your school community!



  • Individually Unique, Together Complete: Celebrating Diversity and Unity Within Your School Community

  • Be a HERO of Kindness and Compassion

  • The Power of Positivity: The Best Me I Can Be


  • Cultivating Communities of Empathy, Inclusion, and Acceptance

  • The Power of Words

  • The Upstander Effect


  • Finding Magic Through Mindfulness

  • Growth Through Gratitude: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

  • The Communication Connection

Grade Levels: K-8

Audience Size: 200+ (limited by facility and social distancing guidelines)

Performance Time: 45 minutes

Number of Sessions: 1-4 per day

Price per assembly session: $555

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