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My  Mission 
Stacy's mission is to motivate, inspire, and empower you to embrace your unique gifts, pursue your passions, and to live a life you love and deserve by stepping into the best version of yourself.  She cultivates communities of kindness and acceptance where everyone feels valued and appreciated.



As an innovative collaborator, Stacy has worked alongside administrators, business owners, and families to cultivate collaborative communities.

In addition, Stacy has partnered with numerous nonprofit organizations to develop service learning projects and fundraisers enriching the lives of all those involved.  She is passionate about sharing her expertise in the areas of positive mindset, communication, effective team building,  social-emotional learning, character education, service learning, and philanthropy.


As a confidence and empowerment coach, Stacy works alongside women to help them release limiting beliefs, gain confidence, embrace growth through gratitude, and step into the best version of themselves.  As a part of her Best Version of You: Unleash Your Best Self 1:1 Coaching program,  her clients learn how to: 

  • live in alignment with their core values 

  • create more time freedom for self-care 

  • release limiting beliefs and identities that no longer serve them 

  • celebrate their worthiness 

  • gain clarity on their life's purpose

  • take inspired actions in pursuit of their passions 

  • show up as the best version of themselves and live a life they love and deserve


Utilizing her background of 16+ years in the field of education, Stacy provides motivational assemblies and workshops. Her interactive programs focus on cultivating collaborative communities of kindness and acceptance. Stacy is dedicated to empowering school communities to be innovative leaders of social-emotional learning, character education, and student leadership.

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